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this morning, targeted by terrorists. >> the government changes its story about that breakdown in bengha benghazi. it was terror after all, not angry protesters, killing the u.s. ambassador. and the issue is front and center at a hearing on capitol hill. on the campaign trail. a new, softer side of mitt romney. his family urging the change, as polls show him closing the gap in battleground states. airport arsenal. a boston man detained at l.a.x., after what border agents found in his luggage. body armor, weapons, even body bags. and snoopy on the silver screen. the big announcement. charlie brown and the gang, in a brand-new movie.
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good wednesday morning. i'm sunny hostin, in for paula faris. >> good morning, everybody. i'm rob nelson. we begin this wednesday, with tough questions ahead on capitol hill today, about last month's attack that killed the u.s. ambassador to libya, as well as three other americans. >> the title of the house committee probe speaks volumes. it's called the hearing on the failure in benghazi. tahman bradley is here with a preview. good morning, tahman. >> reporter: good morning, sunny and rob. with the security failures in the spotlight today, we are learning dramatic new details about the september 11th assault that took the lives of ambassador chris stevens and the others. for a month, we have been hearing a protest against an anti-muslim film turned violent, leading to the deadly assault on the u.s. consulate. but now, state department officials say the video was not the trigger for what they called an unprecedented attack. instead, they say nothing was out of the ordinary that night.
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and that several groups of men launched the attack without warning, using machine guns, mortars and rocket-propelled grenades. it still has not answered in the middle of the chaos ambassador stevens got out of the compound and to the hospital. among those that testify is a top security official. eric nordstrom wrote an e-mail earlier this month, detailing 230 security incidents in libya between june of last year and july of this year. incidents he says demonstrate a danger to americans and the need for more security there. it will be a big day here today. rob and sunny? >> tough questions ahead. tahman bradley, in washington. thanks, tahman. we now turn to politics this morning, where mitt romney spent another day campaigning in the increasingly important state of ohio. >> now that we're seeing polls turn in romney's favor, his wife and his eldest son, tagg, have mounted a new approach behind the scenes. abc's david muir is traveling with romney in ohio.
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>> reporter: a more personal, more emotional mitt romney on the campaign trail. >> so, i was happy to put my hand on his shoulder and thank him. express my love to him and asked god to bless him. and he -- >> reporter: speaking of an old classmate he saw at a campaign event, ailing in a wheelchair. >> i got a call that he died the next day after that visit. it's rare you get a chance to tell someone you love them. >> reporter: and stopping his motorcade as children waved on. it landed him right on the front page. reports by politico that this shift is driven by ann romney and his son, tagg, arguing inside the campaign, they should show more of the dad they know. the obama campaign tried to remind people of another character that came up in the debate. romney said the cuts he would make to bring down the deficit, pbs. >> criminals, glutens of greed. and the evil genius who towered over them? one man has the guts to speak
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his name. >> big bird. >> reporter: "sesame street" asking the campaign not to use the ad, saying they don't endorse candidates., warming up the crowd with a familiar theme song. ♪ can you tell me how to get >> elmo's making a run for the border. he's going to bring the hammer down on "sesame street." >> reporter: the president, right here in ohio, at the same time, governor romney is, underscoring how crucial this state will be. no republican has won the white house without ohio. we learned that governor romney will spend four days this week alone, right here in ohio. david muir, abc news, ohio. tomorrow, of course, it is the candidates for vice president who will meet face-to-face. and our own martha raddatz will moderate that debate. abc will be carrying it live. it kicks off at 9:00 p.m. eastern time. that's coming up tomorrow night. the nation's highest court
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revisits the issue of affirmative action today. the supreme court justices hear the case of a white woman who was denied admission to the university of texas. her lawyers claim african-american and latino students were admitted with lower scores than hers. nine years ago, the justices ruled such race-based emissions were legal. but the court's composition has changed. jerry sandusky is spending a final few days in jail before being sent to state prison for likely the rest of his life. the former penn state coach was sentenced to at least 30 years behind bars for sexually abusing boys. three of those victims spoke in court about the damage they suffered as sandusky just steps away. abc's jim avila explains what is next for the disgraced excoach. >> reporter: life in prison echoing in his ears, heading back to isolation in county jail for another ten days, as state prison prepares for him. nothing special. no separate quarters, even for
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famous pedophiles in pennsylvania. after 30 days of assessment, he'll be assigned to the general population, in one of the state's 25 men's prisons. >> sandusky's lawyers are planning to appeal. new this morning, a boston man is facing a slew of federal charges can after he tried boarding a plane wearing body armor and carrying an arsenal of weapons in his luggage. take a look at what agents at l.a.x. recovered. grenades, billy clubs, knives, a hatchet, virtually every kind of weapon but guns. they found things like body bags, duct tape and leg irons. investigators say he is not cooperating. but for now, they do not believe he is linked to any terrorist groups. also in los angeles, crews battle a dangerous fire overnight in the echo park area. the building's roof partially collapsed, which forced firefighters to retreat and sent flames shooting into the night sky.
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a handful of firefighters suffered some minor injuries. but it is believed no one was inside the building at the time. with that, we take a look at your wednesday weather across the country. another drizzley day from new york down to d.c. showers, meanwhile, in new england. thunderstorms in south florida. a shot of cold air in the plains and midwest. rain or even snowshowers from fargo to the northern great lakes. also, showers from san francisco to l.a. and san diego. >> 70s in sacramento and much of the rockies. 60s in the pacific northwest. mostly 50s in the midwest. and when we come back this morning, labor pains at walmart. as worker protests against the giant retailer are growing. the cyber attacks against major banks spread, with one major bank bracing to be hit today. and then, the peanuts gang has a state at the movies. charlie brown and his pals are heading back to the big screen.
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welcome back, everybody. the federal government wants its money back. it is suing wells fargo for defrauding a government-backed insurance program of hundreds of millions of dollars by improperly underwriting loans. it's the fifth lawsuit of major practices. wells fargo is denying the allegations. capital one is involved in a series of cyber attacks. it says some of its online systems were disrupted yesterday. but most services have been restored. the same group promises action
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today against sun trust banks and tomorrow against regions financial. walmart workers are stepping up the pressure on the giant retailer. they staged protests at dozens of stores and plan a protest today during the company's annual meeting with financial analysts. the workers want higher pay, more hours and better working conditions. walmart says the job actions have had no effect on operations. the top color for cars and trucks right now isn't even a color at all. 22% of the vehicles built for the 2012 model year were white, probably because many are pickup trucks whose owners will paint logos on them. silver was second at 20%, with black right behind that. they were followed by gray and red. i'll stick to my yellow cab. and the christmas catalog for the 1% is out. the top gift offer from neiman marcus this year is a pair of his and hers watches for just over $1 million.
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plus, two business-class tickets to paris and geneva to see how the watches were made. other gifts in the catalog are a $100,000 penthouse, a $354,000 spider convertible sports car. and dinner for ten prepared by four top chefs for $250,000. >> i'll take the car for christmas. you going to hook me up? >> i want the dinner. >> we'll make a deal. take some loans out. when we come back this morning, mystery in boston. the body of a grad student, pulled from the charles river, reportedly weighed down by cinder block and a chain. and a dying woman put through the wringer by the tsa, as she tried to take the last trip of her life. [ male announcer ] every day, thousands of people are choosing advil®. here's one story. i'm sean. i switched to advil® 10 months ago. biking can be really tough on the lower back and your upper thighs.
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a great clean doesn't have to take longer. i'm done. i'm gonna read one of these. i'm gonna read one of these! [ female announcer ] unlike sprays and dust rags, swiffer 360 duster's extender gets into hard-to-reach places without the hassle. so you can get unbelievable dust pickup in less time without missing a thing. i love that book. can you believe the twin did it? ♪ swiffer. great clean in less time. or your money back. surfers in hawaii are
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enjoying superhigh waves that are keeping most beachgoers out of the water. the winter swell arrived earlier than usual. 20-foot waves crashing to shore. they were so powerful, four people were injured. but expert surfers made the best of it. >> i'll take hawaii any day. not a bad life. hang loose, dude. now, for a look at your morning road conditions on the mainland. showers could make for a slick ride in parts of new england. slippery roads from north dakota to michigan. and a rainy commute along the california coast. >> and if you're flying, airport delays are possible on the east coast, in new york, boston, philly and d.c. back to the news this morning. the search for a missing boston grad student has ended in tragedy. >> a body pulled out of the charles river has been identified as that of jonathan daily, an architecture student from north carolina. nobody had seen him since last tuesday night when his roommates
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said they watched tv and went to bed. and those who know him best said daily never would have taken off without telling someone. >> he had just the clothes on his back. he didn't have i.d. with him. we think he might have had $100. but it was like he was casually going out at 8:30 in the evening to get some coffee. >> unidentified sources say daily's body was weighed down by a cinder block. but investigators will only confirm they found nothing to indicate he may have been depressed. but they say they aren't ruling anything out. the desperate search for a 10-year-old girl in suburban denver has dragged into a sixth day with no suspects and no major leads, either. police released more photos and this home video of jessica ridgeway, hoping to give the public a better look at her. the fifth grader vanished on her way to school friday. and yesterday, her parents made an emotional plea for her safe return. meanwhile, the fbi is considering whether jessica's disappearance may be linked to the sexual assault of an
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11-year-old girl in wyoming. the deadly meningitis outbreak has claimed another life, with the latest victim announced in florida overnight. that brings the total death toll to 12. at least 119 people in 10 states have come down with the deadly but noncontagious form of the disease. the rare case of fungal meningitis has been tied to contaminated steroid shots made by a specialty pharmacy in massachusetts. the tsa says it is standing by the way a terminally ill passenger was treated by its agents. michelle, who is dying of leukemia, was traveling to hawaii, for perhaps the final trip of her life. she called ahead to make sure there would be no problem since she has a feeding tube these days. but agents at the seattle tacoma airport forced her to lift up her shirt and pull back bandages in full view of others. >> when somebody wants to take a
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trip, especially an end of life trip because you want to see your family and friends, it's more important than just taking a trip. >> the tsa says danaj was never asked to remove or pull off any bandages. and proper procedures were, in fact, followed. thrill seeker felix baumgartner may try again tomorrow for the death-defying supersonic skydive. the attempt had to be postponed because of high winds at the new mexico launch site. the balloon that carries baumgartner into the stats fear can only take flight if the winds are two miles or below. time for sports and our friends over at espn news. >> welcome to your "sportscenter" update. i'm hooray andres. homer bailey and the reds, trying to sweep the giants.
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bailey was dealing. six strikeouts. getting blanco. then crawford, then belt again. bailey went seven innings, setting a red's single-game record. top ten. can't handle it. buster posey come on down. giants take a 2-1 lead. the last chance for the reds. grounder. sergio romo makes the throw out. giants win 2-1. game four wednesday. alds game three. tigers looking to sweep the a's. pick it up top two. tigers down 1-2. prince fielder, at the plate. say it ain't so. it ain't so. coco crisp, robbing fielder. he grabbed that one. third to rob prince this year.
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bottom five, his first career postseason dinger. oakland, up 2-0. top six now. brett anderson facing miguel cabrera. six innings of work, two hits, not a single earned run and six strikeouts. top nine, now. fielder, 0 for 4 on the day. grounds into the 6-3 double-play to end the game. a's win 2-0. game four on wednesday. that's your "sportscenter" update. i'm jorge andres. have a good day. "the pulse" this morning, getting ready for popcorn and "peanuts." a charlie brown movie coming to a theater near you. and forget swimming with dolphins. swimming with tigers is a new for small jo a different stripe. yeah, and i took on all the bigger, tougher ones. but now that mr. clean's got this new select-a-size magic eraser, i mean, he can take on any size job. look how easily he gets things cleaned. it's enough to make you cry. you, specifically. not me. i'm just happy we don't go near rex's mobile home as often.
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♪ time to check "the pulse," this morning. that song, definitely a hint. that's because snoopy, charlie brown and the rest of the "peanuts" gang are getting a new gig. taking their blockhead humor to the big screen. >> the movie was written by the son and grandson of "peanuts" creator charles schulz. it's scheduled to debut in november of 2015, marking the 65th anniversary of the comic strip. >> this is not the first "peanuts" film, though. "a bully named charlie brown" came out in 1969, followed by three other movies. you're a big fan. >> i'm going to go watch it. this is for all the single ladies out there, to quote beyonce, who want to know if they're latest love is legit. the website called hetexted lets
4:24 am
users give a screen shot of a lover's text. >> and viewers of the site can interpret what the cryptic messages can mean. they can also offer relationship advi advice. and there's the omg category for the most outrageous text messages. >> probably a few creepy ones. sorry about the last one i sent you. you look so pretty when you tweet. if you have an extra 200 bucks and a half hour to spare and you happen to be in dade city, florida, you can take a swim with a tiger. the wild things zoo is offering visitors a close encounter with tiger cubs, complete with a swim. >> the zoo claims that baby tigers like to swim. but animal activists are up in arms. this is the same place that lets you swim with alligators whose mouths are taped shut. >> no thank you. >> no swimming with tigers. even baby ones. for some of you, your local news is next. >> for everyone else, we'll be back with the end of the road
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next, four alarm fire rips through a shopping center. >> big win for ross mirkarimi. the late night decision that means he keeps his job. >> rain, lightning, will that continue? >> we are tracking it now on live doppler. i'll show you chance of scattered thunderstorms today. >> sue hall in the traffic center following your colder with rain and snow from the northern great lakes to north dakota. and finally, from us this morning, it was double-trouble on last night's "dancing with the stars." >> two of the all-stars were sent packing. abc's george pennacchio has the details.
4:28 am
>> drew and anna. >> reporter: drew lachey and anna trebunskaya got the first of the night's bad news. the third team to get the all-star ax. >> it's frustrating, it really is. do i think i'm as good as some of the other people on this show? no. do i think i'm better than some people on this show? yeah. but ultimately, that doesn't matter. i'm not going to look back on it with any kind of regret or disappointment. i'll go home. and life goes on. life goes on. and my life is fantastic. >> reporter: before tuesday night's show was over, the bad news continued for one more team. >> helio and chelsie. >> reporter: race car champ, helio castroneves and his partner, chelsie hightower, were the fourth team out. >> i have no regrets. i did this for my little girl and adriana. if you want to see me again, go
4:29 am
see racing. that's what i do for a living. >> i feel like we both gave it everything we had. and with that, you can kind of leave with peace. you did your best. and you tried your hardest. >> it's so sad to have two champions leave the ballroom tonight. i can't believe it. >> to see this happen tonight with two former champions, that's not a good feeling. >> it's out of our hands. we're in limbo. >> reporter: the remaining teams know there's much work to be done if they're going to make it to the finals. geomarini and peta murgatroyd will dance bollywood style. >> the pros have never done it, either. we're, like -- what are we going to do? >> reporter: the nine remaining all-star teams return monday night for week four of the competition, performing a wide variety of dances. in los angeles, george pennacchio for abc news. >> any predirections? >> i'm not sure. that's what's making news in america this morning. >> stay with us for "good morning amer

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